Google Connectivity & SEO

Google Connectivity & SEO is one of the biggest frustrations businesses face. Making sure Google and other search engines see and rank your website is imperative to success. With over 80% of all searches for new products and services done via google, it’s vitally important that your business returns a good organic result. You especially want good results in the existing areas you service and also locations you want to target for new customers in the future.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We can help you organise the domain registrar and best hosting package for your website and business needs. There are a variety of options that you can choose from. We will walk you through the set up and purchase of what you need without costly extras. We can also assist in the creation of email addresses, SSL Certificates and more.


Google+ Page for Business

Diamond Creative knows Google well. Google Connectivity & SEO is about ‘authenticating’ your business, one of these is a Google+ page for business. This is like a Facebook page but for business. It’s directly linked to your website and physical office. By setting up a google+ page, you are giving google the information it needs to confirm your business as a legitimate entity.


Google Adwords Campaigns

There are many similar businesses all with the same goal, to be on the first page of the google results. If your in an industry that has competitors and want to make sure you rank highest, a google adwords campaign is a great way to get instant results and new customer leads to your business.  We can create an Adwords campaign for your business tailored to the type of customers your trying to attract. We can also monitor the results and adjust the spend based on enquiries.


Google Analytics

Is your website working for you? Often businesses spend a lot of time in the design and development stages of their website, but once published, don’t monitor it’s ongoing performance. By setting up Google Analytics you can see how customers interact with your website and gain insight to your visitors overall experience and adapt content or features as needed.

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