Advertising Design

At Diamond Creative we believe advertising should be geared towards a prospective audience in such a way that it impacts on the consumer and in the process creates positive brand awareness & recognition.

Many formal business models critically underestimate the impact of print advertisements  and the essence of how simple it can be to attract the eye. It is the difference between asking for someone’s attention and them offering it to you. The right advertisment has the client asking you what your product or service can do for them.


Print Advertising

Diamond Creative is a specialist in producing all types of print advertising, including magazine adverts, newspaper ads and more.  Many publications are thriving today and have high numbers of readership within their niche industries. Good creative advertising in the right publication can greatly assist in new leads and brand awareness within industry or  markets you want to target.


Direct Mail & Flyers

For some businesses, the best way to target a specific market in their local area is to create promotional flyers and deliver as a mail campaign.  We can provide you with the design and creation of the flyers, outsourcing of print and recommend a distribution service to suit your needs.


Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a great way to enhance your businesses visibility to the general local and greater community. Outdoor advertising includes everything from Vehicle decals and skins, Billboards, signage boards, flags and more.