Point of Sale & Packaging Design

Diamond Creative offers a wide variety of design solutions to suit all your print needs and budget.
We have extensive experience in all forms of print advertising including, Corporate Brochures, Business Cards, Letterheads, Magazine & Newspaper Advertisements, Posters, Invitations, Point of Sale, Outdoor and more.

At Diamond Creative we believe advertising should be geared towards a prospective audience in such a way that it impacts on the consumer and in the process creates positive brand awareness & recognition.


Point of Sale Design

The creation of these key marketing materials needs a professional Graphic Designer. No matter which trade or business your in, everything begins with visual recognition. By incorporating typography, colour coding, traditional design methods and modern day graphics, our point of sale designs will meet the demanding requirements of today’s rapidly changing market.


Banner Design

Banners are a useful tool for all sorts of display environments, including trade shows, conferences, product launches, in-store promotions and front of office areas. The are cheap to print and the mobility means they can be used multiple times making them a great investment as for marketing and promotional events.


Poster Design

Posters are an integral part of point of sale advertising. Businesses use them to promote sales, discounts, general messages and to catch the customers eye. Posters are also great for signage, in-store interiors, trade shows and more.


Packaging Design

The packaging design can mean all the difference when deciding to purchase a particular product. It needs to grab a potential buyers attention, resonate with the brand and stand out against it’s competition. With stringent requirements to sell a product to the retail market, a  professional design will ensure barcodes, ingredient information and overall design all come together to product a great result.