Brochures & Marketing Materials

Every business has a different requirement for the type of marketing materials they use to communicate with their existing customers, communicate new products and services to potential customers and to assist with making the decision or sale on a purchase.

With years of experience in the design and creation of marketing materials across a variety of mediums, we will make sure your business is represented professionally and consistently and creates further recognition of your brand.


Brochure Design

Brochures are often the forefront of every business’s marketing materials. Their purpose is not only to inform a potential customer about the products and services on offer, but also to communicate the style and attitude of a company. The Brochures your customer sees will often determine their opinion of your and in turn your relationship with them.


Point of Sale Design

The creation of these key marketing materials needs a professional Graphic Designer. No matter which trade or business your in, everything begins with visual recognition. By incorporating typography, colour coding, traditional design methods and modern day graphics, our point of sale designs will meet the demanding requirements of today’s rapidly changing market.


Event Invitations

No matter what the event, a professionally designed invitation is key to getting guests excited and involved.  The invitation your client or contacts sees will often determine their opinion of the event and whether or not they will want to attend. With a huge variety of options for printing or plan to send electronically, make your next invitation one they won’t be able to resist.


Packaging Design

The first thing the customer sees when making a choice on a product or item is the packaging design. It needs to grab a potential buyers attention, resonate with the brand and stand out against it’s competition. With stringent requirements to sell a product to the retail market, a  professional design will ensure the barcodes, ingredient information and other details all come together producing a great result.