Print that performs

Diamond Creative offers a wide variety of design solutions to suit all your print needs and budget.
We have extensive experience in all forms of print advertising including, Corporate Brochures, Business Cards, Letterheads, Magazine & Newspaper Advertisements, Posters, Invitations, Point of Sale, Outdoor and more.

At Diamond Creative we believe advertising should be geared towards a prospective audience in such a way that it impacts on the consumer and in the process creates positive brand awareness & recognition.


Advertising Design

Many formal business models critically underestimate the impact of print advertisements  and the essence of how simple it can be to attract the eye. It is the difference between asking for someone’s attention and them offering it to you. The right advertisment has the client asking you what your product or service can do for them. Read more…


Stationery Design

As a specialist in assisting new start up business, we know how important it is to get all of the day to day branded materials right from the start. Professionally designed stationery is important as it’s often the first time a potential customer sees a visual of your businesses identity. Read more…


Brochures & Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are used to communicate products and services to potential and existing customers. With years of experience in the design and creation of marketing materials across a variety of mediums, we will make sure your business is represented professionally and consistently and creates further recognition of your brand. Read more…


Point of Sale Design

The creation of these key marketing materials needs a professional Graphic Designer. Regardless of which trade or business your in, everything begins with visual recognition. By having an eye catching design, it can make all the difference between the purchase of your or a competitors product. Read more…