Photography & Retouching

Great photography and images can greatly assist in selling your product or service to customers. A great photo communicates what you do, the quality of your work or products and is often the key decider when making a sale or getting a new customer.

We specialise in product photography for use across  Print Advertising, Corporate Brochures, Posters and Websites.



Getting your photography right makes a huge impact on all facets of your business. Diamond Creative is a specialist in product & portfolio photography, providing a superior service for your businesses needs. Photography is vital for print advertisements, product shots, website content and marketing materials.


Image Retouching

A lot of businesses have great photos and images of their products and services, but are not happy with detail in the background, colours, sharpness etc. With advanced image retouching capabilities, we can enhance, change or fix all types of images.  From lifestyle shots, to complex product images, we will ensure a great result every time.