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Logos & Branding

Diamond Creative is a specialist in Logo creation and new Corporate ID’s for both rebranding of existing businesses and new start-ups.

A strong Corporate ID and Logo design is an integral part of a businesses visual identification which sets them apart from their competitors. The visual design element of a logo should work as a symbol of the businesses style, attitude and character, and is used to create recognition in the minds of their target market.



Your logo is the first thing people associate with your business. Many formal business models critically underestimate the impact of this and how important it is that it attract the eye. The right logo has the client asking you more about your products and services.


Corporate ID & Branding

When it comes to your trade or business, everything begins with visual recognition. You are the Brand your customer sees. Your relationship with them begins there. By having strong branding elements that work together across your marketing materials, you will ensure from the start that your brands visual appearance is consistent and easily identifiable as you.